Friday, February 12, 2016

A quick follow-up on the scams

It seems like a lot of people may be catching on to the phone scam, although you should not let your guard down.  The scammers are still active.  However, it now appears that they have added the internet to their arsenal of weapons to get your money out of your pocket and into theirs'.  Reports have been coming in about emails being received by taxpayers, allegedly from the IRS collections division demanding immediate payment of the delinquent tax judgement.  The emails even contain what looks like an official IRS logo.

If you do get one of these emails, hit the JUNK MAIL button immediately, and add it to your blocked senders' list.  It is a FRAUD.

These emails have several tell-tale faults.  First, the IRS NEVER contacts taxpayer's by email.  NEVER, EVER!!!!!!!!!!!  Second, when the recipient looks at the logo, it is clearly not real.  Thirdly, the usually come from a gmail or yahoo account.  Lastly, there are typically misspellings in the email address or the body of the text.

Remember, the IRS does not want to arrest you, especially over a debt of several thousand dollars.  It would cost them more than that to feed you!!!  The world is full of dishonest people who want to separate you from your money.  Just hang up or hit delete and go on with your day.

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