Saturday, January 30, 2016

More Scams

Back in April, 2015 I warned of an IRS scam.  I just received a notice from the IRS warning that the scam is back.

The premise of this scam is that the caller is a special agent with the collections division of the IRS, and is calling to advise the person that a warrant for their arrest has been issued due to their fraudulent tax returns.  They will say that the person has one last chance to avoid arrest and prison time.  All they have to do is send several thousand dollars in cash cards immediately.  The person is advised to withdraw the cash from their bank account and purchase the cards at WalMart or some other store which sells them.  These cards are not traceable and cannot be cancelled.  Once the money is sent, the scam is complete.  Needless to say, he victim is not arrested, but then they never would have been arrested.  The reported losses from this scam are in excess of $30 million, and that is only what has been reported.

If you get one of these calls, the best thing to do is hang up IMMEDIATELY!!!!!  The IRS NEVER makes these types of calls.  All IRS communications is done through the mail.  

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