Friday, April 3, 2015

BEWARE of the IRS Scam

Recently, I have received a number of phone calls from panicked clients, reporting that the IRS is going to arrest them.  The theme is always is the same.  They report receiving a very stern call from someone identifying themselves as an IRS agent.  They even give a "badge number."

Their story is that the individual being called has been indited on a criminal tax evasion charge.  They inform the person that a warrant has been issued for their arrest and will be served by Federal Agents within a few days.  They may even say that the person will be taken into custody because they have ignored the prior correspondence and attempts to contact them by the agents.

By this time the person being called is usually in a panic.  Now they move in for the kill.  They tell the person that the arrest warrant can be killed IF the person is willing to pay the taxes in full immediately.  The problem is that they cannot accept personal checks or credit cards because the person cannot be trusted, since they have ignored the previous attempts to collect the debt.  The only way to avoid being arrested is to obtain and send a prepaid money (debit) card.  During the call, they may warn the person not to hang up or they will have the arrest warrant served immediately.

THIS SI A SCAM!!!!!  The IRS NEVER contacts people in this way.  If you receive one of these calls, do exactly what they tell you not to do, HANG UP IMMEDIATELY.  Then, you should notify your local police or sherrif's department.  If they call back, do not answer or hang up again.

I have heard estimates that this scam has cost people over $15,000,000.  Don't  add  to the total.

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